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The first major event was the kick-off meeting held in conjunction with the national meeting of MSA held in the Minneapolis convention center in August. Participants were invited to see round the exhibit floor, and then learn about Project Micro and experience the Microworld Festival first hand.

Images courtesy of Gib Ahlstrand

Throughout the Fall groups met to assemble the supplies necessary for each station. Cheap, low power optical microscopes were ordered and volunteers were matched up with the teachers at the project schools. The teachers planned how they would integrate the Microworld festivals into their curriculum. The independent site at Galtier School held its festival and many of the MSA members volunteered to assist with this to gain more experience of the individual stations as well as with the process of running a festival. This phase concluded with a Microworld festival for the teachers and volunteers to assess the stations that we had assembled. Shortly after this the first school festival was held.

In the spring a Minnesota Microscopy Society meeting was held to encourage more members to become involved with the project, and to make them aware of what resources the society had to share with their local schools.

As a result of this encouragement the Society put on a Microworld Festival as part of the ScienceFest of the Bell Museum of Natural Sciences. This was attended by 400-500 Childern between 10:00 and 2:00 on May 3rd. The large attendance no doubt due to the event being part of the Jason Project. A record of the Microworld festival can be found on our Bell Museum Page.

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